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Our Services

System Development

System development, system design, system customization


Website development, corporate website, redesign Website and website maintenance

Mobile Apps

Mobile devices become increasingly popular, the usage of mobile application also increased rapidly.

Their bring changes to internet user’s daily life and important effects on messaging, socializing, entertainment, online shopping and etc.

We tailor Mobile Apps to suit your business. Android APPs for mobiles and tablets. Allow you to work everyway, shorten your distance.

Online Sales and Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, boast your web traffic and so on...

More Services

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Services Overview

Offers PHP/.NET/C/C++ and etc system development, include system modules, tools and software, desktop applications, websites and others, and also Android Mobile APP.

We also help users testing and solving problems. Provide after sales training, debugger and IT consultation services.

Empower SME

BuildApps empower SMEs with affordable low cost web technology advancement and adding value beyond traditional business.

Flexible, accessible and real time

Our applications designed to be flexible and able to adapt to any business environment. Being one of the web based application accessible anywhere and anytime, it also enables users to receive real time information to make critical decision in these changing business environment.

Fully featured back-end

Fully featured back-end system with post, manage, sales and marketing, invoicing, statistic analysis in detail, bring the enterprise idea to users.